On the Edge

We live in a world of uncertainty. Whether it’s as simple as being uncertain about a first date or as complicated as the uncertainty of your future. Our lives are filled with what ifs, and the constant worrying about what could happen next. We are not psychics, we cannot predict the future. So why do we worry? Why fret about what we cannot control?

I fall victim to uncertainty. All the time. While I do worry about what could happen, or about what did happen, I am a big believer of just going with the flow. Because how interesting would it be to live a life of complete certainty? What good would it be to live in the safe zone, no risks, no regrets. I mean, everyone knows that saying: expect the unexpected, because for the most part, many good things do come unexpectedly. We should live our lives not knowing what’s going to happen next; on the edge of excitement.


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