A little change, A little excitement

There are so many things that are temporary in life, and I’ve had a hard time dealing with that. There are certain things I’m okay with changing. I’d like to think I’m adventurous, the type of person who would just pack up and move.

Now, I’ve been taking piano lessons since I was five. I’ve had the same teacher for about ten years, Nathaniel. Our lessons did not involve much talking, but there was something personal about our relationship. He watched me grow up. He saw when I could barely play Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, to when I was playing Chopin and Bach. He was there when I made the decision about which high school I was going to go to, and then the decision about which college I would attend.

Well, my junior year of high school, I found out that our schedules would not be the same anymore, and he would no longer be able to teach the 45 minute lesson I had every single friday for the past 10 years. At the moment I wasn’t upset. Strangely, I didn’t mind too much. I’ll be done with piano lessons in a year anyways, I thought.

It was Friday, I was a senior in high school, and I was sitting in my music room — Nathaniel’s music room– waiting for my new teacher. He came in, looking very hipster-ish, sat down, and said, “Ok what do you want to play?” Now, one thing I loved about me and Nathaniel’s relationship was that he chose the songs he thought were “fit” for me. He chose a bunch of songs, played them for me, and then asked me which one I liked. This is how it worked. This is how I wanted to be. So, I told this new guy, “Look, I don’t know. Can you play me something and I’ll choose?” Well, so much for that idea. His style was completely different from Nathaniel’s, and mine. I remember just sitting there trying to play what he was telling me and then I did the unthinkable, I started crying.  Right there, in the middle of the lesson. The poor guy was probably wondering what he did, but of course, I didn’t say a word.

Now I gave him the cold shoulder for a good month before I started warming up to him. He was more lighthearted than Nathaniel; he was fun and outgoing, whereas Nathaniel was composed, elegant, and strict. The last day of classes, I wrote the new guy a note. I was very honest and told him I had not liked him that much in the beginning because he wasn’t Nathaniel, he wasn’t what I was used to. However, I ended the note by saying I appreciate him for making me excited about music and for helping me step out my comfort zone.

I don’t know how many people can relate to being frustrated about a change in their new music teacher, but I do know people can relate to feeling frustrated after having a change in something that you were so used to. A change in location. A change in friends. Even a change in yourself. Change is okay, and if you give it a chance, you’ll realize that a little change brings a little excitement to your life.


On the Edge

We live in a world of uncertainty. Whether it’s as simple as being uncertain about a first date or as complicated as the uncertainty of your future. Our lives are filled with what ifs, and the constant worrying about what could happen next. We are not psychics, we cannot predict the future. So why do we worry? Why fret about what we cannot control?

I fall victim to uncertainty. All the time. While I do worry about what could happen, or about what did happen, I am a big believer of just going with the flow. Because how interesting would it be to live a life of complete certainty? What good would it be to live in the safe zone, no risks, no regrets. I mean, everyone knows that saying: expect the unexpected, because for the most part, many good things do come unexpectedly. We should live our lives not knowing what’s going to happen next; on the edge of excitement.