Everyone measures success differently. For many, success is setting a personal goal and achieving it. In college, finding success in your work is hard to do. Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly comparing yourself to those around you.

To you, a B+ may be an achievement until you see your best friend gloat about her A. Success shouldn’t be about comparing yourself to all of your friends or classmates. Success should be what makes you feel accomplished. It should be what gives you that little spark of happiness inside. It should be that feeling where you’re proud of yourself, and you can’t wait to share your accomplishment. I’ve realized everyone’s success is different during my first year of college. Sure, a little competitiveness will help me push myself to do my best, but constantly putting myself down isn’t going to get me anywhere. We may have the same goal, but our journeys sure won’t be the same. Everyone starts somewhere, and it only gets better from there.

I’ve never written a blog. I don’t even know how to write a blog. All I know is that I love to write, and lately I’ve realized that all I want to do is get my thoughts out, even if it’s to a blog no one will look at. I’ve turned to writing to comfort my mind. It’s become a desperate attempt to clear the noise that I hear all day. When I feel myself distancing myself from everyone, I take ease in the in the way I can write the words I have trouble saying. Having the courage to write every day and improve my writing because I want to, not because someone is making me, is my form of success.



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